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Vernon Kay to host ITV's Game Of Talents

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Vernon Kay will host new ITV series Game of Talents which sees contestants try to uncover the secret talents of the public for a chance to win big money prizes.

The new 7 x 60 series, which is produced by Thames (a Fremantle label), features contestants teaming up with celebrities and competing in pairs to try and figure out the surprising and often bizarre hidden talents of eight mystery performers in each episode. Can they spot the opera singer from the weightlifter, or the acrobat from the fire eater, based solely on their appearance and some intriguing clues?

Vernon said: “We’re lining up some amazing performers whose skills are both jaw droppingly brilliant and at times surreal. I can’t wait for viewers to play along at home and try to guess who has which hidden talent. Prepare to be shocked and amazed in equal measure.”

Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment Commissioning, ITV, said: “Vernon is the perfect host for this high octane show which combines the massive scale of a talent show with all the guessing of a gameshow. I can't wait to see it!"

Amelia Brown, Managing Director of Thames, added: “Vernon is the ideal host to bring lots of fun to Game of Talents. Families at home will be on the edge of their seats as they play along with him.”

The original format, devised by Fremantle’s team in Spain in collaboration with Mediaset, has already proven to be a huge success in Spain where they are now working on a third season. Fremantle has now successfully launched a local version in Sweden and will roll out adaptations in Holland and Belgium in February 2021. Game of Talents will also launch on FOX in the US on 10 March with star host Wayne Brady.

Game of Talents was ordered by ITV's Head of Entertainment Commissioning, Katie Rawcliffe and Commissioning Editor, Entertainment, Kevin O'Brien. The Executive Producer is Ashley Whitehouse and the Series Producer is Richard Mittell. Fremantle holds the global format rights.


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